Little is known of the effects of micro- and nanoplastic particles (MNP) on human health while levels of MNP in the environment are increasing. The ZonMw Microplastics & Health programme aims to develop knowledge of the potential health consequences of MNP, and to identify solutions.


  • microplastics
  • nanoplastics
  • health
  • behaviour
  • environment

Onderdeel van programma

Microplastics & Health

Geplaatst op

7 maart 2023


9 mei 2023,
14.00 uur

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Wilt u indienen? De volledige subsidieoproep kunt u via onderstaande link bekijken. Hierin staat alle specifieke informatie over deze oproep.

Microplastics & Health – Breakthrough projects on human exposure, behaviour, interventions and standardised methods (pdf) 317 KB

Doel subsidieoproep

The call is to focused on four specific themes:

  1. Quantification and characterisation of environmental MNP and their microbiological and toxicological characteristics;
  2. Knowledge on determinants of citizen’s / consumer behaviour which are key in reducing personal MNP exposure and emissions;
  3. Insight into the effectiveness of interventions aimed to reduce MNP exposure;
  4. Development and harmonisation of standardized and scalable methods.

A parallel call invites the ongoing MOMENTUM consortium to submit a proposal. The overarching goal of both calls for proposals is to develop knowledge and solutions and combine it in an overarching framework for health impact assessment.

Wat kan worden aangevraagd?

We ask the applicants to submit an application for a Microplastics & Health research project which has to start in 2023 and has to be finalized before August 1, 2025. The project group should preferably consist of researchers affiliated with research organisations and the relevant representatives of civil-society organisations, for example interest groups.


The proposals are required to address only one of the four specific themes described above. It is essential that research methods and results are compatible with the overall risk assessment framework, which is further described in the call for proposals. Collaboration with other projects from this call and the MOMENTUM consortium is mandatory once the proposals have been granted.

Eligible candidates

The main applicant is a research organisation. Dutch health care Institutions, organisations that preform a statutory duty and organisations performing activities representing an interest group for the proposed project are eligible for a grant. Other organisations, or for-profit private parties can only participate though third party collaboration or contribution.


A maximum of €300.000 can be requested per application. The total available grant budget for this funding round is €2.100.000. The latest starting date is December 31, 2023 and the latest end date of the project is August 1st, 2025.

Aanvraag indienen

You may submit your application via Mijn ZonMw until May 9, 2023, 14:00 CEST.

Let op:

MijnZonMw is een nieuw systeem. Wij raden u uitdrukkelijk aan vroeg te beginnen met het invoeren van uw aanvraag, minimaal één week voor de deadline. Neemt u bij vragen of problemen zo spoedig mogelijk contact op met ZonMw via de servicedesk:

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Download alle informatie

Wilt u indienen? De volledige subsidieoproep is te downloaden als pdf. Hierin staat alle specifieke informatie over deze oproep.

Microplastics & Health – Breakthrough projects on human exposure, behaviour, interventions and standardised methods call (pdf)

Subsidie aanvragen


Please contact us with any questions that are not covered in the FAQs. For general queries, please contact Marije van der Kamp or Frank Pierik. If you have any technical questions ZonMw’s online application system please contact the service desk.

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