About this programme

ZonMw wants to contribute to high quality and high relevance of innovative (bio)medical research. We therefore encourage the development, acceptance and implementation of animal-free models. In this way we can achieve even more relevant research results for people. We strive to reduce the use of animal testing where possible and where necessary.

To achieve this, we fund research into the development of animal-free models, connect parties and stimulate the use of animal-free models in practice. We also strive for more effective use of results from animal tests by increasing their retrievability and reusability.

Non-animal Testing Innovation Transition

ZonMw is one of the partners in the national Non-animal Testing Innovation Transition (TPI) initiative. TPI’s ambition is for the Netherlands to lead the field in the international transition to non-animal testing innovation. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality manages the TPI process, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. There are currently several ongoing initiatives designed to help achieve the objectives of TPI. One of them is the MKMD programme.

Commissioning organisation

ZonMw is administering MKMD on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, working in collaboration with a number of other parties, including the Dutch Society for Replacement of Animal Testing, the Life Science and Health Top Sector, civic partners such as medical research charities and their umbrella organisation SGF.

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