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Commitment and Collaboration

The Programme 'More Knowledge with Fewer Animals' (known by the Dutch Acronym MKMD) aims to accelerate developments in '3R Alternatives' of animal testing: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement. ZonMw is commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to carry out the MKMD programme. By closely working together with scientific institutions, animal welfare societies, patient organizations, industry, regulatory agencies and health funds, ZonMw aims to realize the joint ambitions and commitment to find alternatives for animal testing.

More Knowledge with Fewer Animals Modules

The programme is organized in several modules. Each module has a specific target, preconditions and collaborating partners. This way ZonMw can develop tailor-made projects together with commissioning authorities and collaborating partners (national and international) on the development and use of 3R alternatives. The MKMD programme focuses on 4 main area's of research:

  • Human Disease (Cancer and other human illnesses)
  • Development of medicinal products for human use
  • Risk assessment in the field of health protection
  • Quality assurance for medicines (i.a. sera and vaccines )


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