Parel (Pearl Award)

Of all projects that ZonMw funds, there are a number that we like to highlight as a good example of what we stand for. These projects are successful collaborations between all relevant parties, or have a major social or scientific impact.

What is a ZonMw Parel?

The ZonMw Parel (Pearl Award) is awarded to exceptionally good projects funded by ZonMw. Such projects provide a good example of what we would like to see in other projects, and of what ZonMw stands for. They feature:

  • a useful and outstanding result
  • successful collaboration between all relevant parties
  • scientific and/or social impact.

Eligibility for a ZonMw Parel

The ZonMw Parel award is for ZonMw-funded projects whose results are already known. They should preferably have already been completed. A Parel can only be awarded to a project, not to an individual, team, foundation, consortium or organisation.

What do Parel projects receive?

The Parel award focuses extra attention on a project and its results. The award does not include any prize money. It consists of a Parel figure and a video about the project, made in collaboration with the project leader. The video and the extra communications on the award  create extra publicity for the project.

How does a project become a Parel project?

Staff at ZonMw can nominate projects for a ZonMw Parel. A Parel Committee has been set up to ensure that the winning projects are selected in a uniform way, and to guarantee that the process is transparent. The committee, which represents a cross-section of the organisation, selects 6 Parels each year.

List of Parel projects

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