Policy and accountability

Our policy plan 2020-2024, with the theme ‘Making the difference’, describes what we will do in the coming years. Each year, this policy plan results in an annual plan for the activities we will address.

ZonMw is transparent in its policy and in providing accountability. Here, you will find the policy plan, the annual plan, the most recent annual report and the annual accounts for the past five years.

Policy plan 2020-2024

The policy period 2020-2024 has the theme ‘Making the difference: using knowledge to realise a good health for everybody’. We will investigate how we can best support people in making good and healthy choices. For this, we will focus, in particular, on vulnerable people with less resilience. In doing this, we will also examine whether the environment is structured in such a way that it is possible to make these choices. This concerns the home situation, the family, school and, work, the neighbourhood a person lives in and the social network or care.

All of these factors play a determining role in the support of vulnerable people. With this, it is important that the people involved in providing care remain healthy and fit so that they are sufficiently capable of helping others to become healthy or remain healthy.

Over the next four years, we will focus on concrete actions to make an even greater difference:

  • Programming and funding of scientific and societally relevant studies and projects. In the coming policy period, we will specifically focus on, for example, mission-driven research, more opportunities for curiosity-driven research and recognising and rewarding scientists in a different manner.
  • Encouraging the impact of knowledge, which has been gained from these studies and projects, within science, health(care) and the social domain. Furthermore, we will also encourage the translation and utilisation of that knowledge in everyday practice so that the results have meaning and become available in an accessible and usable form.
  • Increasing our efforts to identify where the knowledge gaps are or why existing knowledge is not used in medical science, health(care) and the social domain. For this, we will collaborate even more closely with knowledge institutes and advisory councils, and make use of the input of stakeholders and the knowledge obtained from science, everyday practice, education and policy.

Policy plan 2020 - 2024 (in Dutch)

In various articles we take you along the points for attention and you will find reactions, interviews and reflections from different perspectives and stakeholders.


Annual plan and budget

The ZonMw annual plan describes the ambitions of the organisation for 2023. In addition to the annual plan, we always publish the budget for the current year.

Annual plan 2023 (in Dutch)

Program and operating budget (in Dutch)

Annual accounts

In the financial annual reports, the annual accounts, you will find the developments that ZonMw has undergone as an organisation within the relevant year. Below you can find the annual accounts for the past five years. All documents are written in Dutch.

Annual report

The ZonMw annual report describes the activities and results achieved by the organisation in the past year. Below you will find the most recently published annual report.

Annual report 2023  (in Dutch)

Request previous (digital) versions

To request previous (digital) versions of the annual plan, annual accounts and annual report that have not been published here, please contact ZonMw via info@zonmw.nl.
We will introduce you to different focus areas in a range of articles, and you will find responses, interviews and a reflection from different perspectives and stakeholders.