ZonMw is a partner in various international initiatives, some of which are co-funded by the European Commission (EC).

International programmes and projects

One example of international programmes and projects in which ZonMw participates are the European Partnerships. These partnerships are part of Horizon Europe, the European Union's programme for research and innovation that runs from 2021 to 2027. This programme builds further upon the success of Horizon 2020, in which ZonMw also participated. With Horizon Europe, the European Commission wants to increase the competitiveness of Europe by fostering science and innovation. In addition, the EC wants to challenge industry and the academic world to jointly invent solutions for the societal issues faced by the whole of Europe.

Within Horizon Europe, ZonMw participates in the co-funded partnerships, which are formed by a coalition of research funding bodies and public partners from several European Member States. They bring together national and EU budgets and policies. The co-funded partnerships programme and fund joint transnational, impact-oriented and mission-driven thematic research.

Dutch researchers can submit joint research proposals together with researchers, societal and/or industrial parties from participating Member States. The European Commission provides co-funding for the partnerships and, in doing so, increases the total funding available for groundbreaking research collaborations.

Besides Horizon Europe, ZonMw is also a partner in various international collaborations. These include collaborations in the area of policy, research infrastructure or reciprocal exchange between funding organisations.

The transnational calls for proposals are jointly developed and realised by all partner countries. ZonMw makes a constructive contribution to these. For each European partnership that ZonMw participates in, a representative is appointed who is responsible for national and European alignment. More information and contact details can be found on the pages of the various partnerships. For general questions about ZonMw participation in European Partnerships, please contact For specific questions about one of the current partnerships, please contact the contact person listed on the relevant programme page.

Procedure for international funding rounds

International funding rounds follow a different procedure than the standard ZonMw rounds. The basic steps of an international funding round are explained in the animation below. Do you still have questions after viewing the animation? Then please take a look at the infographic  or contact us.Grant overview