Using knowledge to realise a good health for everybody is something we do throughout the entire knowledge chain, from fundamental research to implementation. Thanks to the wide-ranging working field of its entire knowledge chain, ZonMw can call itself a unique organisation. This page describes the structure of our organisation and how we work.

Broad field of activity

With a wide range of grant programmes, we encourage and fund knowledge development in the area of health, care and well-being. In addition, we stimulate the use of knowledge developed and highlight where knowledge is needed. This enables us to respond to the changing world around us.

We increase the relevance, quality and impact of knowledge and innovations, and accelerate their practical applications to contribute to a good health for all. In doing this, ZonMw supports the entire knowledge chain from fundamental research to applied research and action research, through to implementation projects.

Within the organisation, we focus on socially relevant themes that are realised in the form of programmes that are part of different clusters. Each cluster has its own team with a manager and ZonMw as a whole is led by its general director Véronique Timmerhuis. For this, she works together with the management team that is made up of two programme directors, who lead the clusters, and the heads of the Policy, Advice and Strategy department and the Operations department. The ZonMw Board is the highest administrative body of ZonMw.


Organogram van de organisatie ZonMw in het Engels

Board members

Portretfoto van bestuursvoorzitter Arfan Ikram
prof. dr. M.A. (Arfan) Ikram


Portretfoto Edwin Maalderink
Controller drs. H.G. (Edwin) Maalderink
Portretfoto Marijn van Ballegooijen
dr. W.M. (Marijn) van Ballegooijen
Portretfoto van Carlijn Bouten
prof. dr. C.V.C. (Carlijn) Bouten
Portretfoto Sander Hilberink
dr. S.R. (Sander) Hilberink
Portretfoto Wilco Peul
prof. dr. W.C. (Wilco) Peul
Portretfoto van Moniek Pieters
dr. ir. M.N. (Moniek) Pieters
Portretfoto Marlies Schijven
prof. dr. M.P. (Marlies) Schijven
Portretfoto Bart-Jan Kullenberg
prof. dr. B.J. (Bart-Jan) Kullberg
voorzitter Gezondheidsraad


Véronique Timmerhuis
Véronique Timmerhuis

Management team

Portretfoto van MT-lid Rob van Hemert
Rob van Hemert
Head of business operations
Portretfoto van MT-lid Loes van Herten
Loes van Herten
Head of policy advice and strategy
Portretfotot MT-lid Marielle Snijders
Mariëlle Snijders
Director programs
Portretfoto van Merik Seven, directeur programma's ZonMw
Merik Seven
Director programs

The governance regulation encompasses the operating procedures of the board, the appointment, composition and operating procedures of programme committees and the tasks and responsibilities of the director.

How ZonMw works

ZonMw designs programmes on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), the Dutch Research Council (NWO) and other organisations. These programmes frequently focus on specific themes for which targeted knowledge development is required. Such a theme can also arise from a societal issue or challenge defined by ZonMw.

Subsequently, ZonMw identifies in the programme which knowledge is required to bring a solution to the problem or challenge a step closer. Researchers (from fundamental to applied), care providers and institutions that focus on health, healthcare and well-being who have ideas that connect with the programme can subsequently submit a project proposal and request funding. They can use that funding to carry out research or to develop, test and realise innovations.

Each programme has its own goals, quality criteria and deadlines. An expert committee, advised by independent experts (referees) assesses the proposals and selects them for funding.

Find out more about how you can qualify for funding on the page 'How to apply for funding?'.

Working at ZonMw

Working at ZonMw means using knowledge to realise a good health for everybody and thus contribute to innovation in care, health and welfare. Would you also like to contribute to that? Then take a look at our vacancies.

Whichever position your start in, we will give you the opportunity to grow and to further develop yourself. We will enable you to use your talents and make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to take initiative in an open, collegial and informal work environment.