Information for project leaders

Your grant application has been approved. Congratulations! We want to let you know what is important in the execution of your project.

Starting the project

The grant approval letter describes the conditions with which you must comply before you can start your project. Your project must start within a six-month period after your grant application is approved. You must notify ZonMw of the start of your project via a notification form. If you cannot start within six months, you must explain why.

Grant payment

The grant is paid in the form of advance sums. If all conditions are met, you will receive the first advance around the start date.

Subsequent payments depend on ZonMw’s review of your progress reports and final report. We will send you the format for these reports.

Progress reports

As a rule, you will have to prepare a progress report midway through the project period. Some programmes require that you submit annual or more frequent reports. The grant approval letter will tell you whether this is the case. You must submit these reports via ‘Mijn ZonMw'. ZonMw will send you a request to submit a report.

Your progress reports provide insight into the progress of the project. The progress report will also give us insight into the activities you intend to develop to promote implementation of the project results.

Reporting changes

You must notify us of any changes in your plan or organisation in the course of the project. Changes in the project structure, planning, budget or organisation may affect your grant. Changes must be approved by ZonMw before being implemented.

Please submit your change notification to the relevant programme secretaries by e-mail.

Products and publication of results

As a project leader, you must inform ZonMw of products, publications and other results of your project via Mijn ZonMw in the course of and up to four years after concluding your project.

Mijn ZonMw: To do this, log onto Mijn ZonMw and check ‘Current/completed applications’. For more information, read the Mijn ZonMw Manual for Project Leaders (in Dutch).

Publicity for your project or study

ZonMw considers it a priority that the progress, benefits and results of funded projects are shared. Please let us know if your project appears in the media. We would like to post this on your ZonMw project page and can distribute it via our communication channels. We ask that you mention that your project is funded by ZonMw in all your communications. Mentioning ZonMw’s name is a formal grant requirement (cf. the grant provisions).

Open Access publication

All publications resulting from scientific or other research fully or partially funded by ZonMw must be made available immediately (without an embargo) in Open Access, in accordance with ZonMw’s Open Access policy. A number of Open Access routes are acceptable to ZonMw. In addition to articles, ZonMw also encourages you to make other types of scientific publications available on an Open Access basis.


Our  policy on data management and FAIR data is reflected in all phases of the subsidy procedure, from subsidy application to the final report on a project, for example through a data management plan. It is also anchored in the subsidy provisions. Depending on the specific program text or subsidy call, additional matters may be requested.

Europe Pubmed Central (EPMC)

For all grant rounds published from 01/01/2021 onwards, ZonMw requires that project leaders deposit at least a copy (Version of Record of the Author Accepted Manuscript) of published articles arising from their ZonMw project in EPMC (themselves or via the publisher).

Due to the link EPMC creates between publications and grants and project information of projects funded by ZonMw, general project data and some personal information are shared with EMBL-EBI, EPMC’s administrator, on a regular basis. This relates to the organisation linked to the project (name of project leader, e-mail address (to create the link only, this is not shared or used for any other purposes), organisation and department. ) gedeeld met EMBL-EBI, de beheerder van EPMC. ZonMw has entered into a formal data sharing agreement to this effect. Should you have any objections, please let us know two weeks following receipt of your grant approval letter at the latest. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that you agree to your personal information being processed for this purpose.

Licensing or transfer of project results

You must comply with the principles of Socially Responsible Licensing in the execution of your project and the use of (future) results.

Completing the project

Final report

You must submit a final report within 13 weeks following completion of your project.

  • This final report consists of a 'substantive final report for projects that received a grant not exceeding €25,000.-
  • For projects having received a grant from €25,000.- to €125,000.- the final report consists of: 
    • A substantive final report 
    • A financial report
    • Application for grant determination
  • For projects that received a grant of €125,000 or more, the final report consists of: 
    • A substantive final report 
    • A financial report
    • Application for grant determination
    • An accountant’s audit opinion

Include a maximum sum of €3,500.- for audit costs in your final report. We have come to a different arrangement with universities and UMCs.

Substantive final report 

You must use the substantive final report format you will receive from the programme team.

Financial report

ZonMw requires a final report following completion of all projects. It must contain a specification of the various cost items. We also require a statement of approval of the final report. The project leader and coordinator, the persons bearing administrative responsibility and financial responsibility must sign this statement. After ZonMw receives and approves the final report, the definitive grant sum is established and settled on the basis of actual costs.

Implementation and impact

Projects funded by ZonMw must have an impact. New knowledge and expertise must be implemented in practice, policy, education and/or further research. ZonMw possesses a great deal of knowledge and expertise in this domain. You can refer to that knowledge and expertise in all stages of your project.


An important factor for success is sufficient time and staff, such as a dedicated and proactive research assistant/staff responsible for patient participation. This applies to both the project group and the participating centers where inclusion takes place. It is also important that the study is continuously under the attention of the doctors and nurses involved in the affiliated centres. There is also a role for the scientific association. By visibly supporting the study and making members aware of the importance of solving this knowledge question (for example through meetings, newsletters and the website), the scientific association can contribute to successful inclusion.

Integrity and codes of conduct

The integrity of projects funded by ZonMw is a priority; ZonMw makes every effort to detect and prevent integrity violations. Following grant approval, projects must be executed in a correct manner with full integrity. There are codes of conduct to ensure (scientific) integrity in all actions. Please refer to our regulatory framework page to find the codes of conduct.


Your obligations as a grant recipient are described in Laws and Regulations concerning ZonMw.

 The obligations apply during the execution of activities up to the application until the moment of definitive grant establishment. There are also a number of obligations that apply after project completion. The grant provisions applying to your project depend on the period in which the grant was approved.

Any additional obligations are specified in the call for grant applications and your grant approval letter. Open Access publication is an example of obligations not specified in the grant provisions.

House style and logos

Mentioning ZonMw’s name is a formal grant requirement (cf. the grant provisions).

The range of activities in health research and the health care field is one of the characteristics of ZonMw. And we want to be clear about this. This is why we ask our researchers and project leaders to clearly communicate that the research or other project was made possible or partly made possible by ZonMw.

Do you need more information about the communication guidelines, including our logos? View our page communication about projects