Knowledge utilisation

ZonMw-funded projects must have an impact on everyone’s health. We do this by knowledge application or utilisation. In other words, the actual use of the outcomes of projects and programmes by people in the field, policymakers, educators and/or researchers. And the projects must also reflect what is happening in practice. But how do you achieve that?

Implementation and impact

The impact or considering the impact is important in all phases of programme. We ask project managers to indicate in their grant application what they want to achieve, why and when, how (implementation strategy) and with whom. Knowing this early in the process sheds light on how the results will benefit practice and/or policy, education and research. Part of the budget must be spent on implementation. An additional grant is available for some programmes. Our implementation specialists can provide advice on impact or enhancing impact in all phases.

ZonMw can help in three ways:

Training and professionalisation

Care, welfare, and prevention professionals play key roles in the provision of good health care and support. It is important that these professionals continue to learn and develop in order to be able to apply new knowledge and innovations. We are specifically committed to this development, and therefore stimulate training and professionalisation.

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