Transforming Health and Care Systems

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How can we make sure care remains affordable and accessible? This is a challenge that many countries in Europe face. The Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS) programme funds international studies and innovation projects designed to contribute to a more sustainable, future-ready, people-centred health and care system.


Our population is ageing, the care sector is experiencing growing staff shortages increasing, and care itself is becoming more and more expensive. In many European countries, keeping care and support accessible in these circumstances is the biggest future challenge they face.

Aim of the programme

The Transforming Health and Care Systems programme is seeking a response to these challenges in an international context, by unding research and implementation processes that contribute to more efficient organisation of care, and provision of the right care in the right place.

Broad target group

Appropriate care is important for everyone, so Transforming Health and Care Systems has a broad target group, ranging from young to old, and from people with disabilities to people with chronic illness or psychological vulnerabilities. 

Link with Dutch national programmes

THCS ties in with a number of Dutch programmes focused on the same goals. One of them is Juiste Zorg op de Juiste Plek (‘The Right Care in the Right Place’), whose ambition is to prevent, relocate and replace care where possible. The Dutch government’s Wonen, Ondersteuning en Zorg voor Ouderen (Housing, Support and Care for the Elderly) programme is also in line with the goals of THCS: ‘self-care if possible, at home if possible, and digitally if possible.’

Pooling knowledge and research budgets

Under the THCS programme several countries are pooling their knowledge and research budgets, with the support of the European Commission. This will enable the funding of international studies and innovative processes that contribute to a future-ready health and care system. Several calls will be launched as part of the programme, covering different themes and focal areas.

TCHS: part of Horizon Europe

Transforming Health and Care Systems is one of the European partnerships being developed as part of Horizon Europe, the European Union’s research and innovation programme. Under THCS, which will run for seven years, organisations from 27 (mostly) European countries and seven regions will work with the European Commission to encourage the development of knowledge. Key Dutch partners are NWO (Dutch Research Council) and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

ZonMw and international activities

Many of the issues we face in healthcare are not unique to the Netherlands. It is therefore good to consider at an international level what issues exist and whether a joint response is possible. Pooling expertise and resources will help us resolve these issues more quickly.

ZonMw helps to develop and exchange knowledge with other countries in various ways. Visit our international activities page to learn more.


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