Blog series: ME/CFS research in focus

ME/CVS lab onderzoek
The causes for ME/CFS are not known, which makes it difficult to treat this disease. Biomedical research should change that. advance effective treatment for ME/CFS. In the blog series 'ME/CFS research in focus', researchers share more about what their research entails and which results are to be expected.

The studies covered in this blog series are funded by the ZonMw ME/CFS research programme. The aim of that programme is to improve the health, quality of life and social position of ME/CFS patients. 

10 studies, 2 consortia

The 10 studies in this blog series are part of 2 'consortia'. Within these partnerships,  parties cooperate with each other in carrying out biomedical research into ME/CFS. The consortia also ensure data exchange and manage the biobanks, in which body materials of patients are collected that are used for further research. Within the ME/CFS research programme, ZonMw funds the NNMCB consortium and the ME/CFS Lines consortium. In this interview, the consortium leaders tell more about their collaboration.

Portretfoto Inge Zijdewind

Blog 1: Understanding ME/CFS better by monitoring symptoms after exertion

ME/CFS patients experience a worsening of their symptoms after physical exertion. It is not clear why this is the case. That's why Inge Zijdewind and Leda Maffei will investigate this.

Text: Ilse Bos, Photography: Robert Tjalondo