Grant options that facilitate implementation

In addition to putting emphasis on the impact of knowledge within the grant applications, we also do this in other ways. There are separate grants for projects focusing on knowledge utilisation, for instance, and we work with knowledge vouchers, ZonMw pearls and action studies. Below we mention several types of programmes and tools.

Implementation and action programmes

ZonMw designs and executes implementation programmes. We often do this together with parties in the field, who can be the project leaders. Examples include:

Action- and practice-based research

Change, learning and knowledge development go hand in hand in action research. Change and learning make use of knowledge about actions that facilitate implementation. This can include factors that facilitate or inhibit implementation and ways in which project managers can respond to these factors. Examples of action research at ZonMw include:

Practice-based research focuses on developing and applying knowledge that can provide immediate solutions for use in practice. It requires close collaboration between practice, clients and/or loved ones, and research.

  • Practice-based research in mental healthcare
  • Have a look at practice-based research on young people with mild intellectual disabilities
  • Here you can find good examples of the merging of science and working practice
  • Here you can find publications on this topic

Verspreiding- en Implementatie Impuls (VIMP)

At the end of a project, project managers can submit a grant application for some programmes. They can only do this at the invitation of ZonMw. This additional grant for implementing the beneficial results of projects amounts to a maximum of €50,000. Two examples of such a Dissemination and Implementation Impulse:

Implementatievouchers en -fellows

ZonMw sometimes issues knowledge vouchers to foster upscaling of interventions. With a voucher, a consultant can be hired to give advice on local implementation. Below are a number of examples.

Valorisation and transfer

Terms that are frequently used and often overlap with implementation are valorisation and transfer. These terms are often used by partner institutions such as the Dutch Research Council (NWO), Health~Holland and universities. In areas of work outside or bordering on healthcare, the term implementation is often not commonly known. This is why other funding instruments are used in these sectors, such as Take-off, Impact-explorer, Impact Scout and Demonstrator.


Projects with exceptional results or applications can be awarded a ZonMw Pearl. These may be projects, for instance, that help solve current healthcare issues. The impact of the project is an important criterion for awarding this prize.

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