Youth Healthcare

As a youth healthcare professional, how can you work according to the latest scientific insights? With knowledge development and guidelines, we contribute to the competences of professionals in youth healthcare in the Netherlands (Dutch abbreviation: JGZ). So that the JGZ can even better realise its preventive role in the care of children and young people in the Netherlands.

Providing knowledge for the JGZ

Keeping knowledge up-to-date and connecting to new developments is the essence of professionalisation. For JGZ professionals, this means working according to the latest guidelines and evidence-based methods. For over ten years, ZonMw has worked with researchers and professionals to contribute to knowledge for the JGZ. 

Practical knowledge for JGZ professionals

As a JGZ professional, do you want to work with the latest scientific knowledge? A paper publication with practical advice and an associated digital publication provide concrete guidelines that allow professionals to make use of the latest innovations, new approaches, methods and tools. It is divided into ten themes:

Guidelines for the JGZ

There are more than thirty guidelines for the JGZ and these make an important contribution to the quality of youth healthcare. Up-to-date guidelines are well aligned with everyday professional practice. The JGZ guidelines can be consulted on the NCJ website.

From guidelines to guideline modules

Both new and existing guidelines will be divided into modules over the coming years to facilitate the revision, maintenance and improved accessibility of the guidelines. This will make it easier to update sections without having to revise the entire guideline. This approach will also make it possible to connect to other guideline modules more efficiently and improve the implementation of the guidelines in practice.

Through the programme JGZ Guidelines 2019 – 2024, ZonMw is responsible for updating the guidelines and ensuring these remain topical. In 2023, a start was made with updating the JGZ guidelines for the cluster Child raising & support: Excessive crying, Child raising support, Toilet training, Sleep, and Parent-child relationship. In addition, a new funding round will be opened for guidelines from other clusters.

ZonMw is looking for guideline developers for the cluster Nutrition & Growth and Psychosocial & Behaviour. This concerns guideline methodologists who have experience with the development of guidelines and an affinity with youth healthcare. Process supervisors are required to work towards feasible and readable guideline modules that align with the latest scientific and professional knowledge. For this they will work together with substantive experts from the cluster workgroup.

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