It is important that all children and young people grow up safe, healthy and with opportunities. And that they can develop their talents. The latest knowledge and good collaboration are needed to support parents and young people. We therefore invest in knowledge and innovations by and for youth healthcare, support and other youth services.

Knowledge for youth services

With the knowledge acquired, ZonMw supports experienced and prospective professionals, researchers, policymakers, local authorities and training institutes. Together, they are responsible for youth services and preventive care. The evidence base is the main focus. The Civic Service Action Programme gives young people a unique opportunity to develop their talents.

Youth participation in research

It is important that young people are involved in research, so that the approach and the outcomes match their needs and the way they live. More and more youth researchers are therefore actively involving young people in their projects. But how do you ensure that participation really is meaningful for all concerned? We are happy to share our knowledge of youth participation in research.

Young people’s health

Youth health professionals work on the basis of the latest scientific evidence. We contribute to professionalism in youth health services through knowledge development and guidelines, so that the youth health profession can play its preventive role in the care of children and young people even more effectively.

Regional youth collaborative knowledge centres

At a regional youth collaborative knowledge centre  professional practitioners, policymakers, researchers and trainers work with parents and young people. Together, they address regional issues, exchange knowledge, share experiences and work on solutions. The strength of a collaborative knowledge centre lies in working, learning and improving together, with the goal of ensuring that young people grow up healthy, safe and with opportunities.

Civic service

Civic service strengthens society through the efforts of young people. During civic service young people develop their talents and meet others while they work for the benefit of society. Civic service thus provides opportunities for civil society organisations, local authorities, the education sector, the private sector and young people. What exactly does civic service involve, and what might it do for the young people you know?

Child abuse

Scientific research is very important for improving approaches to tackling child abuse. This is important, as abuse of a child has a devastating impact, even in later life. We therefore support professionals, providing knowledge that can help them in their daily work when they confront this issue.

Domestic violence

Every year, around 1.2 million people fall victim to some form of domestic violence. The damage this causes is immense, as is the complexity of the issues. This requires a comprehensive approach, and research can support this.

Promising start

Several factors are vital to a good pregnancy and a promising start for the child. Good birth care is also important, as are healthy living conditions and a healthy lifestyle on the part of the mother and father. There is a lot of room for improvement as regards the latter, particularly in families in vulnerable situations.


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