With the prospect of pathogens becoming smarter than the drug treatments we are able to develop, antimicrobial resistance is an urgent global problem. A problem that requires a multidisciplinary international approach.

Read more about the national ABR programme

Reade more about the international JPIAMR programma


Research on corona and COVID-19


Together with our sponsors and clients, we are looking into possibilities for financing research into the coronavirus and COVID-19. The pandemic is having a major impact on healthcare and society.

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JPIAMR - International collaboration

Can we resolve the antimicrobial resistance issue through international collaboration?

Read more about international collaboration and the JPIAMR

AMR and livestock

Read our factsheet about our effort on antimicrobial resistance in a One Health perspective and have a look at our projects on livestock

How does antibiotic resistance spread?

In this infographic ECDC explains how antibiotic resistance spreads in animal farming, community, health care facilities and through travel.

Infographic ECDC

Related programmes

 ZonMw has several programmes related to this topic.

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