Organisation of healthcare

How is healthcare organised now? And what about when it has to be organised across several domains, such as primary and secondary healthcare, and link up with social care? And how does funding tie in with all this?

Organisation of healthcare in the Netherlands

The Dutch system of care and support is in fact made up of several systems with different methods of funding and different statutory frameworks. This can make collaboration difficult. Furthermore, many hospitals, for example, are organised on the basis of capacity (e.g. operating theatres and intensive care beds) and specialisms. Sometimes there is a mismatch between supply and demand – also referred to as the capacity issue. In short, all elements of the complex healthcare system are linked, so that if something happens somewhere in the process, it will have a knock-on effect elsewhere. The entire system has to be able to cope with this: the network, the infrastructure and organisation around the delivery of care.

Organising care around patients

To ensure healthcare remains good, accessible, affordable and deliverable in terms of staff capacity, it is therefore important to consider how we can move to organising care around the patient: healthcare that is aligned as closely as possible with the wishes of patients, matches the capacities of healthcare professionals and fits in the frameworks of administrators, health insurance companies and the government, so that the quality of care improves.

Recurring issues:

  • accessibility and affordability for all
  • affordability and quality of healthcare
  • retaining autonomy and control for professionals
  • national, regional and local collaboration
  • what this means for healthcare professionals and patients

Investing in learning and improvement potential

This is why we invest in learning and improvement potential in healthcare organisations. We facilitate projects designed to find solutions to challenges in the organisation of healthcare (the right care in the right place) and the social issues behind them, including health benefits and reducing the cost of healthcare. If you would like to know how exactly we do this, read more about the following topics: