Instructions FAIR data for project leaders

These are starting points and instructions for all parties receiving a ZonMw grant. Additional requirements may be imposed depending on the specific programme text or call for grant applications.

Starting points

The starting points for the instructions for project leaders (grant recipients) are similar to those for the instructions for grant applicants. In short:

  • It all starts with good data management
  • Data and metadata must be made available (if needed under specific conditions)
  • All data sources must be taken care of  
  • Setting steps to FAIRify data in research projects

Instructions for planning and conducting data management in a research project

At the outset of a project:

During the course of a project:

When finishing a project:

It is required to register the delivered products, including databases and publications, with ZonMw up to four (4) years after the project. Use for that a persistent identifier (for instance the DOI-code (digital object identifier)).

What does ZonMw do with the DMP?

  • Assessment: ZonMw will determine whether the DMP has been completed in full and whether all (additional) requirements have been met. ZonMw does not issue a response to the substance of the DMP unless stated otherwise in the call for grant applications or grant approval letter.
  • Reference: The DMP is saved as a reference for data management monitoring in the course of the project. ZonMw may also use the DMP to analyse the approach, resources and standards implemented in a specific domain (e.g. terminology standards, data models, infrastructure, etc.).

What does ZonMw do with the key data?

The information provided by a project leader on the basis of the key data will (or may) be used for:

  • Review: to determine whether the project leader has implemented the DMP and is ready to make the data files available for future use.
  • Analysis of knowledge level: ZonMw analyses the state of knowledge with regard to data management in order to determine whether the methods are suitable and feasible.
  • Analysis of DM and FAIR data developments: ZonMw gains insight into standards, services and resources used in a domain or consortium to make data reusable. If necessary, these may be publicised actively in future rounds of grant funding.

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