Instructions on FAIR data management for grant applicants

These are the starting points and instructions for all parties applying for a ZonMw grant. Additional requirements may be imposed depending on the specific programme text or call for grant applications.

Making data and metadata available

At the end of a project, at least the data and metadata underlying the project results and publications must be available. These must be reusable and accessible (possibly under specific conditions, such as privacy laws) to researchers, policymakers, practitioners, businesses and citizens. Read more in Laws and regulations on data management and FAIR data

Quantitative and qualitative data

Where  data files are involved, there are also other sources used to conduct the research. These include quantitative and qualitative data sources, the software to use data, audio and video recordings, collections of physical resources like biological materials, etc., and the metadata to describe them.  All these sources are covered by ZonMw’s FAIR data policy.

Instructions for preparing data management in a grant application

Applicants must demonstrate how they are preparing for data management in the planned project. Please note: a full data management plan only has to be delivered after a grant application is approved.

Read the call for grant applications...

The call for grant applications (section ‘Relevance Criterion’) contains the general instructions for data management in research projects. Among other things, you will be asked to devote attention to:

  • Reusing existing data and standards
  • Appointing a data steward
  • The budget as well as reserving an adequate budget for Open Science and more specifically for data management. As a guideline, approximately 3% of the research budget should be reserved for appointing a data steward and for additional FAIR data management activities. Please note any additional information on this subject in the call for grant applications.

Different points for attention may apply to practice-based projects not associated with a research group.

Fill in the grant application form...

The applicant must provide an explanation in the grant application form (section ‘Data Management’) based on the points for attention in the call for grant applications. Questions in the application form may vary for research projects and practice-based projects. 

Assessing the grant application

The programme team and/or assessment committee will decide whether the preparations for data management in the grant application are adequate and suitable for the purposes of the project and programme. If necessary, the committee will issue instructions with regard to the data management plan after a grant application is approved.