Information about data in projects realised in the healthcare setting

These instructions are for projects that take place in the healthcare setting without collaborating with a research group. They concern projects that nevertheless collect data, for example to evaluate an application.

Information about data files in projects realised in the healthcare setting

Here is the explanation of what needs to be done to make data from projects that take place in the healthcare setting findable and usable in order to be able to verify the project results later. If the project collaborates with a research group, please follow the instructions as provided in Preparation for FAIR data management in research projects.

For who?

  • For grant applicants and recipients who work in healthcare (or other practice) organisations that do not have a research department and do not collaborate with a research institute. Where you read ‘healthcare organisation’, it also applies to other practice organisations.
  • For the professionals who provide support at data  management (e.g. data protection officer).


  • In the grant application.
  • In the final report.

Providing information in the grant application

Use these points of attention to show what the situation is in your healthcare organisation and your planned project. You can also take steps towards providing the information you need to submit about the data at the end of the project.  

Do you intend to collect data in your project in a healthcare setting, for example, for the evaluation of findings in the setting?

  • If so, then explain the type of data collection concerned. Then continue with question 2.
  • If not, then explain that you will not collect any data. Then you do not need to answer any more questions.

2. What is the situation in the healthcare organisation where the project takes place?

3. Personal data

Explain whether you will process personal data. Which measures will you take to protect the personal data? Has a data protection officer approved these? Please explain this.

4. Information about the data files

Prepare for the fact that in the final report, you will have to supply the following information about the data in digital counter My ZonMw. 

  • A unique number with which data can be found (e.g. a DOI-code). If you do not have a DOI code, then provide another number that will be available in the longer term. Together with the details in the form about the ‘holder’ the data must remain findable.
  • Describe the nature of the data, how these were obtained and any further information so that the data can be used well in a future study. They should also state the article or report in which the results based on the data are reported.
  • Provide details on the holder of the data: name, address, URL of the institute where the data connection is still in the contact person who manages this, also after the project has been completed.
  • Weblink: choose an appropriate link that improves the findability of the data.
  • Data access: make clear how and to whom an application from third parties to use the data will be assessed. 
You do not need to provide a data management plan (DMP) for the project.

Providing information at the end of the project

In the final report, the project leader provides the final information about the points under 4 in digital counter My ZonMw.


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