Preparing for FAIR data management in research projects

Grant applicants must show in the grant application how they will prepare for FAIR data management in the planned research project.

Preparing data management and FAIR data in a research project

For who?

Grant applicants who are employed at research organisations and/or healthcare organisations that work with these.


In the grant application.

Explanation and support

  • There are many websites and platforms with good tips for data management. We state a few that are a good starting point because they provide a complete overview, are kept up-to-date and provide references to specialised data services and infrastructures: GO FAIR Foundation Health-RI FAIR ServicedeskFAIR CookbookRDMkitHealth-RI Data stewardship HandbookLCRDM.
  • For several points of attention there are specific references.
  • Support from the local data steward is very important to interpret the large amount of information and to make choices that are appropriate for the project and the local situation.

Points of attention in the preparation

The grant application form (under the section Open Science – Data management) provides an explanation about the preparation of the data management. For this, you should make use of the following points of attention. The word "data" also concerns other sources for research.

1. Will you make use of existing data in your project?
  • Yes / no, explanation:
    If yes: Explain whether you already have permission from the data owner or manager.
    Explanation and support:
    RDMkit - Reusing data
2. Will you collect your data in your project?
  • Yes / no, explanation:
    If yes, explain why this is necessary.
3. Who is/are that data steward(s) (or data expert) involved in the planning and realisation of the data management?
  • Name and institute:
  • Is the data steward employed at (1) the research group or department / (2) a central department of the institute?
4. Are you aware of common standards (e.g. terminology lists or data models) in your discipline?

If so then which are you considering using in your project? Explanation:

Explanation and support:
RDMkit - Documentation and metadata

5. Did you reserve sufficient funds in your budget to make your data be usable? 

The budget concerns the costs during a project. ZonMw does not fund the costs after the project has been completed, such as the long-term storage of data.

Choose one or more appropriate answers:

  • Yes, I have specified the amount. Explain what the amount is and how you will use it:
  • Yes, there is budget to involve a data steward in this project. Explain what the amount is:
  • Yes, I cannot specify the amount yet, so I have reserved 5% of the project budget. Explain how you will use this:

Explanation and support:
RDMkit - Your tasks: Costs of data management

6. Does the call for proposals contain instructions for making your data FAIR?

If yes, then with your planning and data stewardship support, have you allowed for the fact you must supply FAIR (meta)data in your project?

  • Yes / no, explanation:

Explanation and support:
Follow the explanation and instructions on FAIR metadata and data in research projects, under the heading 'Specific instructions for FAIR metadata and data in the funding round'.


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