The science system is currently bursting at the seams and during the 6e World Conference on Research Integrity 2019 in Hong Kong it was discussed how we can transform this system. What are the most important and interesting new developments in the area of research integrity, responsible research practices, reproduction and replication? Annelein Stax and Guillaume Macor were there to hear how funding agencies together with institutes, researchers and journals, can contribute to this transformation. They made a series of vlogs to share the results.


1/5 Introduction. The World Conference on Research Integrity 2019 in Hong Kong, Annelein Stax and Guillaume Macor – programme managers Fundamental Research – tell you all about it!
(4/5) Reproducibility and replicability of scientific research. Important for science and society, with Dr Tom Arrison - program director policy and global affairs - National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (USA)
(2/5) Citation-bias in academic research. Content and not the impact factor should be a criterium for the quality of research. With Miriam Urlings - PhD - Complex Genetics University Maastricht
(3/5) The Embassy of Good Science. European platform for ethics and integrity, launched 4 June 2019, with Dr Astrid Hooghiemstra, VU Amsterdam.
(5/5) Scientific Research – ambitions for the future. A shared responsibility for junior and senior researchers. With Prof. Dr Lex Bouter – Professor of Methodoloy and Integrity, VU Amsterdam.
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