ZonMw’s policy, procedures, practical guidance, and initiatives are aimed at the creation of reusable data and reuse of existing data.
ZonMw’s approach is guided by the FAIR principles to obtain data that are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. Overall, the FAIR principles help to enhance the quality of research projects, and to accelerate innovation in health and health care.

ZonMw’s activities stand on two closely related pillars:

  1. practical guidelines for Data management and stewardship in research projects, and how they relate to ZonMw’s policy, requirements and procedures;
  2. development and implementation of new FAIRification approaches, leading to data that comply with the FAIR principles, become machine readable, and are captured by making use of standards and technologies (etc) that are preferred within a specific research community.

The activities are part of ZonMw’s policy on Open Science. The international transition to open science is crucial to accomplish the right conditions for creating reusable data, and data reuse:  FAIR data stewardship, recognition and reward, open access publications, and citizen science.


A global pandemic like COVID-19 would have been suppressed much faster if research data were FAIR. Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable.
But what is FAIR data and how do we create FAIR data?

Pleas view this video that explaines it all.

In the spotlight

Interesting things to do with data

E-data & research
Figuur - E-data & research

The digital newsletter (also on paper !) E-Data & Research, issued by DANS, shows interesting examples of what one can do with data.
Read the article: Where do data stewards get their knowledge and how can the Netherlands approach this more professionally?

View the website E-data & Research

Open data or FAIR data?

Open data or fair data

FAIR data are not necessarily OPEN data. Through the ‘A’ of Accessibility, one can state the conditions for sharing the data (‘restricted access’). The FAIR principles are in line with the policy of research funders like ZonMw and NWO to make research data “as open as possible, and as closed as needed”.

Open data

Next step: expert meetings about making health data available for research

Health-RI and organise new expert meetings to discuss the next step in making health data available for research. Expert meeting number 1 was about collecting FAIR data on September 9th. On September 23rd was the focus on Data Findability and Linkage. Join the meeting on October 7th.

Read more on the website of our partner Health-RI

Research on corona and COVID-19


Together with our sponsors and clients, we are looking into possibilities for financing research into the coronavirus and COVID-19. The pandemic is having a major impact on healthcare and society.

Read more about the research


Mosaic 2.0 grant for 13 PhD students

Thirteen PhD students will start with a Mosaic 2.0 grant for their PhD research. The PhD scholarship programme aims to promote the further development of an inclusive work environment within Dutch universities and is open for the group of graduates with a migration background from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Turkey, who are underrepresented in the Netherlands.


Science works!

Submitting an application to NWO has become easier and less of a burden on researchers. The time it takes to process application procedures has to decrease. And the success rates in the open competition and the talent programme must be at least 25 percent. These are 3 of the 38 ambitions from NWO’s new strategic plan 2023–2026. The new NWO strategy ‘Science works!’ was presented today to Robbert Dijkgraaf, Minister of Education, Culture and...

Robbert Dijkgraaf, Minister of Education, Culture and Science and Marcel Levi, President of NWO’s Executive Board
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EURECO Conference 2021: Tackling the ‘digital divide’

Persons with disabilities, with care needs or with psychiatric illnesses are particularly affected by the impact of the digital divide in society. The EURECO 2021 conference will focus on approaches to promote the development of equal digital participation for these vulnerable groups as well.

Read more

Online matchmaking event Create2Solve

Do you face challenges in finding an animal-free innovation in research and industry? Sign up for the online matchmaking event on 10 February 2021 at 13:00h CET of Create2Solve by sending an e-mail to

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