ZonMw signs Dutch Global Health Pact

ZonMw is one of the signatories of the Global Health Pact. On 28 September 2023, ZonMw director Véronique Timmerhuis added her signature to this pact, together with more than 20 other parties who are active in the field of global health.

The Global Health Pact paves the way for the Global Health Hub Netherlands, which stems from the government's global health strategy (English summary of: ‘Nederlandse mondiale gezondheidsstrategie 2023-2030: Samen zorgen voor gezondheid wereldwijd’). The priorities from this strategy form the Hub's main topics, and the best solution is considered for each issue. Three Communities of Practice have been set up for this purpose. Each community focuses on its own theme:

  • Strengthening global health architecture and national health systems
  • Improving international pandemic preparedness and minimizing cross-border health threats
  • Addressing the impact of climate change on public health and vice versa

Pandemic preparedness, antimicrobial resistance, climate, nutrition, data... These are all important research topics that ZonMw is actively investing in and which do not stop at our national borders. The signing of the Global Health Pact is therefore a logical step in our collaboration on good health for all.