Clinical Fellows: for medical specialists who want to build a bridge between research and practice

Bridge between research and practice

A Clinical Fellowship is an individual grant for medical specialists who want to build a bridge between research and practice within their own discipline.

Need for applied research

A need has been expressed for a specific type of grant for medical specialists who want to do more (applied) research, and that provides opportunities for a broader range of disciplines. Several disciplines are specifically mentioned: psychiatry, rare diseases, translational research, paediatrics, chronic diseases and social medicine

Investment in bridge builders

With the programme Clinical Fellows, ZonMw wants to connect the worlds of clinical and scientific research with each other and strengthen them. Patient care will be improved by investing in bridge builders. In this programme, medical specialists will be given the opportunity to build up or strengthen this bridging function.


Prof. Arjan te Pas

Dr Marianne Boes


Prof. Gosse Adema
Prof. Rolf Berger
Prof. Marianne Boenink
Prof. Anske van der Bom
Prof. Teun Bousema
Prof. Epie Boven
Dr Lizzy Brewster
Dr Matthijs Brouwer
Prof. Rob Coppes
Dr Geert-Jan Geersing
Dr Timo ten Hagen
Prof. Bernhard Hommel
Prof. Joppe Hovius
Dr Maryam Kavousi
Dr Eleonore Köhler
Prof. Arjan Lankester
Dr Titia Lely
Prof. Liesbeth Lewi
Dr Sandra Loerakker
Dr Richard Lopata
Dr Mostafa Mokhles
Prof. Jean Muris
Dr Ilse van Nes
Prof. Ivonne Rietjens
Prof. Yasin Temel
Prof. Jeanine Verbunt
Dr Edward Visser
Prof. Rinse Weersma


In progress
€ 800.000
Duration: 80%
Duration: 80 %


Angela Sarabdjitsingh

Senior Programme Manager
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Leah Winkel

Programme Manager
klinischefellows [at]

Lonneke Gaykema

Programme Secretary
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Tim Ahuis

Programme Secretary
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Dilys Sandel

Programme Assistant
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