Clinical Fellows: reopens for applications from 12 September onwards

From 12 September onwards, physicians who hold a PhD can once again submit a proposal for the ZonMw programme Clinical Fellows. A Clinical Fellowship is an individual grant for medical specialists who want to build a bridge between research and clinical practice in their own discipline. The deadline for project ideas is 5 December 2023. As ZonMw organised no funding round in 2022, we have adjusted the grant conditions with respect to one point and increased the budget available for this round.

Conditions for submission

Physicians who hold a PhD can submit a proposal if they satisfy the following cumulative conditions:

  • They completed an advanced medical training (specialty) that is registered with, and accredited by, the Royal Dutch Medical Association (KNMG). A list of these advanced trainings can be found on the KNMG website. For this funding round, the overview of advanced trainings published on the day of the submission deadline, namely 5 December 2023, will apply.
  • They are registered as a medical specialist in the register for specialists and Dutch KNMG ‘profielarts’ [profile physician] and submit their project idea no more than 5 years after completing the advanced training. This is calculated from the registration date as a medical specialist to the deadline for submitting a project idea, namely 5 December 2023.

    As it was not possible to submit a proposal for Clinical Fellows in 2022, ZonMw will make an exception for physicians who hold a PhD and who did satisfy the conditions in 2022. This means that physicians who registered as a medical specialist between 5 December 2017 and 5 December 2018 may also submit a proposal in this round.
  • The PhD graduation date, as stated on the PhD certificate, should be before the deadline of 5 December 2023.

Budget and deadlines

Additional one-off funding has been made available for this round, namely 3.6 million euros. That is because no funding round was held in 2022. Therefore, the budget from 2022 has been added to the budget for 2023. A maximum of 200,000 euros can be applied for per project.

The funding round consists of two phases. In the first phase, physicians who hold a PhD can submit a project idea. The deadline for this is 5 December 2023. In the second phase, applicants with a positive recommendation concerning their project idea can submit a full proposal. The deadline for this is  7 March 2024.

More information

The call for proposals can be found on the grant page of the ZonMw website from 12 September onwards.