Nursing and Care

Everyone needs the services of nurses, nursing specialists and certified nurse assistants at some time in their life. They are there for us from the moment of our birth to the final phase of life, a vital link in the chain of disease prevention, care and support. That is why we invest in knowledge for and among these healthcare professionals.

Challenges for nursing and care

Innovation, pressure of work, an increase in chronic illness, an ageing population and staff shortages are forcing nurses and certified nurse assistants to work differently. That is why we are investing in knowledge for and among these professionals, to support their work. We focus not only on which knowledge is needed right now, but also which knowledge is needed in the future. We collaborate on developments in the profession, the quality of care and solutions for the urgent health care issues that exist in terms of care and wellbeing.

Knowledge for daily practice

We fund projects to develop, evaluate and implement knowledge for the nursing field and connect projects in order to generate shared (generic) knowledge. The aim is to continuously improve nursing care. See what knowledge is being developed and how you can apply it in daily practice on our ‘Research by and for nursing and care’ page.

Investing in collaboration

Collaboration is essential in order to develop and apply knowledge efficiently, and to identify what knowledge is needed. It is therefore important to consider from the start of a project who the knowledge is developed for, and how to best involve them. See how the projects we fund ensure that this is the case, and how we approach this matter ourselves on the topics ‘leadership and autonomy’, ‘learning and improving’ and ‘developing talent’.