Research by, with and for nursing and care

Verpleegkundige of verpleegkundig specialist en verzorgende in gesprek met cliënt
To find out what knowledge is (being) developed and how to apply it in daily practice, see the list of projects and read how about the results and/or who to collaborate with.

List of all projects

We fund projects that develop, test and put knowledge into practice. Besides, we connect projects in order to generate shared (generic) knowledge. Our project database contains a list of all the nursing related projects we fund.

Essentials of Care

Essentials of Care contributes to the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of the client and their family. We are therefore funding five projects designed to provide an evidence base for essential care practices in nursing and care. In addition, a number of projects will shortly be awarded grants to apply current evidence-based practice (EBP) interventions in daily care practice, and further consolidate this knowledge.

Developing talent

To encourage the development of talent, a number of exceptionally talented nurses have been awarded a personal grant to establish their own line of research that links research, practice and training. The subjects of the research lines range from an optimum, future-ready form of emergency care to palliative care. These research lines contribute to a sound body of scientific nursing knowledge and will ultimately improve the quality of care.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

Six projects launched in autumn 2022 are researching the benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration in new or existing collaborations. The studies will also describe, evaluate and improve on the process of collaboration, in partnerships between general practitioners, nurses, nursing specialists and/or carers and allied health professionals.

Guidelines and quality instruments

Guidelines help care professionals, patients and their families to choose the right care option. We also support the development, implementation, evaluation and review of care quality instruments.

Learning from implementation

Four projects launched in 2022 with a focus on the implementation of effective nursing and/or care interventions, procedures, practices and products, with the goal of establishing how implementation can best be arranged in the field of nursing and care.

Describing best practice

In order to be able to apply best practice on a broad basis, it is important that examples are properly described. We are therefore funding ten projects designed to produce an accessible overview of well-described examples of best practice for nursing and care. Read about the ten projects and watch the vlogs.

Dissemination and implementation

To encourage the use of knowledge in practice, policy and training, we are investing in implementation research and targeted implementation activities. We have awarded the following projects a Dissemination and Implementation Boost (VIMP) to enable them to set to work on targeted implementation activities:


In recent years we have funded a variety of research into self-management and launched a number of development projects. This has produced a range of new insights and results. Read about the projects themselves, plus academic papers and results on our Self-management page.



We hebben de afgelopen jaren veel onderzoek naar zelfmanagement gefinancierd en ontwikkelprojecten in gang gezet. Dat heeft uiteenlopende inzichten en resultaten opgeleverd. Bekijk de projecten, artikelen en resultaten op onze pagina Zelfmanagement.