Spinoffs from COVID-19 data FAIRification

Three-point FAIRification Framework

The approach that was developed in 2020 to FAIRify data in COVID-19 research has now been established as the three-point FAIRification Framework (3-PFF). The framework continues to be improved through new developments and implementations in many more research domains outside COVID-19. ZonMw uses (parts of) the framework in its programmes on AMRpandemic preparednessdementiaRational Pharmacotherapy[

Aligning funding programmes

FAIR metadata to FAIRify data also contain information about the projects in which data are produced. These metadata on project-level provide a standardised, machine-actionable description of the projects that are a valuable source in itself. Research funding organisations can use the metadata to share information on projects, and align their research programming. 

GloPID-r research tracker implements FAIR metadata on project-level

The first example of research tracking and alignment concerns pandemic preparedness and ZonMw’s collaboration with GloPID-r, the global collaboration of funders who invest in research on new or re-emerging infectious diseases and improve research response for outbreaks with pandemic potential. ZonMw funded GO FAIR Foundation to develop a controlled vocabulary and metadata scheme for the project Pandemic PACT. The vocabulary and metadata scheme will be implemented in a tool to track data about research funding and clinical evidence for such disease, in alignment with WHO priority diseases.

You can read more about data FAIRification in First steps towards data FAIRification in COVID-19 research, and at FAIR data background | ZonMw, and GO FAIR Foudation and Health-RI.