We aim to make the Netherlands a country where sport and exercise are always possible and enjoyable for all. We do this by contributing to the development of knowledge through research and innovation, enhancing the knowledge infrastructure and strengthening participation in sport and exercise.

Sports research

Research into sport and exercise is important to increase the positive benefits of sport for society, not just for professional sport, but also for sport in general. We invest in high-quality and sustainable knowledge about how everybody can (continue to) participate in sport and exercise according to their own abilities. We encourage the use of that knowledge in professional practice as well.

Mission driven research and innovation in sports and exercise

With the programme MOOI in Beweging, we initiate a movement towards mission-driven research and innovation in sport and exercise. We contribute to solutions for questions and challenges (wicked problems) that have existed for years and still continue to persist. We do that with new knowledge from research, or knowledge that has remained unused, and innovations.

Livings Labs Sport and Exercise

A living lab is a creative and innovative way for professionals to work together with citizens to devise solutions for societal challenges. Sport and exercise is an ideal candidate for this practical methodology. We therefore support a number of living labs Sport and Exercise. Would you like to know how to set up such a lab, or would you like more information about the experiences within the living labs Sport and Exercise?

Implementation network Sport and Exercise

In this national network, researchers are trained to become implementation experts. The participants can share knowledge and experiences and then, in turn, disseminate these further. Practical experience is gained by using case studies. The ultimate aim is to realise more impact through professionals and in professional practice. Do you also want to contribute to implementation?

Sport innovation

Innovative developments play a crucial role in making sport and exercise accessible, enjoyable and safer for all Dutch citizens. We aim to achieve innovation in sport by working together with innovators, entrepreneurs, municipalities and sports organisations.


Plenty of varied exercise is important for the development of children and for healthy ageing. Sufficient exercise reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, breast cancer, intestinal cancer, mental deterioration and dementia. We invest in research and innovation to help people enjoy exercise more and to increase the amount of exercise they take. Want to know more about exercise?

The Netherlands is successful in organising international top sporting events where inspiring professional sport achievements take place. These top sporting events are also important for society, and can be a valuable platform for a healthy lifestyle and economic activities. However, we still know very little about the conditions under which a top sporting event also has societal value. Therefore, a research network will investigate this over the next four years. More information?