NWA Animal-free models: acceptance and implementation

This thematic programme of the Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) focuses on the acceptance and implementation of existing animal-free models to assess whether substances are safe for humans.

Safety assessment with animal-free innovations

People are exposed to numerous chemical substances, which occur, for example, in drugs, cosmetics and the environment. An appropriate safety assessment is needed to protect people against the possible dangers of these substances. Up until now, animal experiments were often used for this purpose. Such a use of experimental animals faces increasing criticism from both a societal and scientific point of view.

Acceptance and implementation of animal-free models

Various parties have committed themselves to an animal-free transition and there are numerous animal-free models. Nevertheless, these models have only been implemented to a limited extent so far. The programme focuses on the acceptance and implementation of existing animal-free models in the safety assessment of substances for humans with the associated legislation. Consortia should contribute to this with a multidisciplinary, integrated approach.

Dutch Research Agenda

Dutch Research Agenda

We realise this thematic programme from the Dutch Research Agenda in collaboration with NWO. The initiators of this programme are the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Ministry of Defence.

The programme fits within several NWA routes: ‘Health care research, disease prevention and treatment’, ‘Quality of the living environment’, ‘NeuroLabNL’, ‘Personalised medicine: the individual at the centre’, ‘The quantum / nano-revolution’, ‘Regenerative medicine: game changer transitioning to broad areas of application’ and ‘Sustainable production of safe and healthy food’.


Prof. (Bas) Blaauboer

Dr (Martin) Bennink
Prof. (Antoon) Vandevelde`
(Ronald) Flipphi
Dr (Erica) van Oort
(Debby) Weijers
Dr (Rosanne) Edelenbosch
Dr (Femke) Taverne-Hodes


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Klaske Bos

Programme Manager
mkmd [at] zonmw.nl

Eveline van Rijn

Programme Assistant
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