Infectious Disease Control 3 2019 - 2023

This programme runs from 2019 to 2023. This programme document is based in part on the Research Agenda for Infectious Disease Control compiled by Pallas in 2018.

Open call for grant applications

The second call for grant applications in the Infectious Disease Control 3 programme is open until 15 may 2023, with a focus on outbreak research, One Health and multimorbidity. Read the news article for more information on the pillars, focus areas, and the deadline for submitting project ideas.

Infectious disease control

Infectious diseases are an ongoing risk to public health, with a sometimes serious burden of disease in previously healthy individuals and the unpredictable threat of an epidemic. The current state of affairs proves that we must devote unceasing attention to infectious diseases since emerging pathogens continue to threaten public health.

Results of 1st and 2nd Infectious Disease Control programmes

The results of the first Infectious Disease Control programme 2014-2017 have been described for the projects already completed. The Projects tab shows all approved projects in the Infectious Disease Control programme 2014-2017. The projects in the Non-alimentary Zoonoses programme can be found on the programme’s Projects tab.

The results of the second Infectious Disease Control (2006-2011) and Q fever (2010-2014) programmes can be found in the digital publication 'Oog op de eindgebruiker: Eindevaluatie ZonMw-programma Infectieziektebestrijding 2006-2011 en Q-koorts 2010-2014' (only in Dutch). This document also sets forth the conclusions and recommendations of the assessment committee for both these programmes. The results of the 47 projects that received funding under the Infectious Disease Control (33 projects) and Q fever (14 projects) programmes are also described in the Flash Booklet Final Evaluation (only in Dutch).

Programme objective and focus areas

The programme follows up on ZonMw’s Infectious Disease Control programme 2014-2017. The programme aims to stimulate a scientifically founded approach to infectious disease control and to strengthen the knowledge infrastructure in order to make a substantial contribution to reducing the number of (gravely) ill individuals due to infectious diseases. The programme is based on five pillars:

  • Healthcare domains, target groups, and changing demography with a focus on migration & travel and senior citizens.
  • Emergent (new and rising) infections, outbreak research, preparedness and response.
  • One Health and non-alimentary zoonoses (related to pets, farm animals as pets and wild animals).
  • Vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • Multimorbidity; combination of an infectious disease with another (infectious or non-infectious) disease.

The programme also has five focus areas:

  • Epidemiology, transmission and fundamental research
  • Diagnostics, monitoring and surveillance
  • Interventions: prevention and treatment
  • Communication, behaviour and social relevance
  • Emergent research methods

Running time and budget

The Infectious Disease Control 3 programme has a running time of 4 years and a 13.3 million euro budget.


€ 13.300.000
Duration: 100%
Duration: 100 %


Linda van Nierop

Senior Programme Manager Infectious Diseases
infectiousdisease [at]