A grant application can be submitted to ZonMw only after a given funding round has been announced and officially opened.

Grant calls are only available on the dutch website for now, they will be available on the English website soon.

The procedure in a nutshell

You only need one or two minutes to understand the ZonMw grant application procedure. Watch the animation to see how it works.

Each programme employs its own specific application and assessment procedure, which is explained in the call for proposals in the opened funding round. The steps below describe the standard procedure; the programme within which you are applying may differ from this procedure to some degree.

  1. Project idea
    Once a call has been published inviting the submission of project ideas, interested persons may put forward a project proposal.
  2. Project idea assessment
    A programme committee assesses each project idea, primarily on the basis of its relevance to the programme and its overall quality. To this end, specific criteria have been defined for each programme.
  3. Invitation to submit a grant application
    If a project idea assessment has a positive outcome, ZonMw will invite the applicant to draw up and submit a detailed grant application. If the assessment has a negative outcome, ZonMw advises against the submission of a grant application. A grant application must contain a substantive description of the project and the project budget.
  4. Reviewer assessments and the right of reply
    Depending on the size of the maximum grant amount, external reviewers assess the quality of the grant application. The applicant may respond, in writing, to the reviewers’ findings (the right of reply).
  5. Quality assessment
    The programme committee comes to a definitive judgement on the quality of the grant application on the basis of the application itself, the (anonymised) assessments by the external reviewers, and any reactions received from the applicant.
  6. Relevance and prioritisation of the grant application
    The committee determines the priority of the application on the basis of its assessment of the project’s relevance and quality.
  7. Acceptance/rejection
    On the basis of its definitive judgement, the programme committee recommends either the acceptance or the rejection of a grant application. On behalf of the committee, the director of ZonMw then sends notification of this acceptance or rejection (with reasons) to the applicant.

How long does the procedure take?

It varies, depending on the programme and the funding round. The specific time frames are given in the text of the programme description or funding round.

Generally, however, the procedure takes between 6 and 10 months. This includes the time applicants will need to formulate their project proposal, work up their detailed grant application, and respond to its assessment. The time that ZonMw needs for the assessment of the project proposal and the grant application is about half of the time needed by the procedure as a whole.

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