General grant conditions

At the heart of the General Terms and Conditions Governing Grants are the obligations that are imposed on an applicant by the acceptance of a grant.

They also contain basic principles and preconditions that are relevant to the entire grant allocation process. For instance, there are conditions that concern the open access policy, definitions, applying for a grant, the relevant codes of conduct, the duty to publish, determining the grant, and accountability. The General Terms and Conditions Governing Grants are therefore important throughout the entire period that you are in contact with ZonMw.

The terms and conditions that apply to your project are those specified in the decision to accept your grant application.

Submitting a declaration of agreement

No more than a week after having submitted a detailed grant application, the applicant must submit to ZonMw a ‘Declaration submitting full grant application’, signed both by the main applicant and the party responsible for administrative issues. With this sustainable solution ZonMw meets the requirements of Article 8, section 6 of the General Terms and Conditions Governing Grants.

METC/CCD approval

Certain projects require the approval of a recognised medical ethics committee (METC) or a project licence issued by the Centrale Commissie Dierproeven (CCD). The grant application form therefore includes questions on this subject. Applicants are advised to find out whether their project will require this approval, as our grant conditions specify that a project requiring such approval cannot start work with the inclusion of test subjects or animals without it. You should budget €2000 for applying for a METC certificate or a CCD licence.

The Centrale Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek (CCMO) has more information on METCs, and the CCD website has more information on animal experiments. 


This section clarifies a number of financial issues.


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