Conditions and obligations

You must take account of certain rights, conditions and obligations when applying for a ZonMw grant.

General grant provisions

The rights, conditions and obligations of a grant applicant are based upon the Dutch General Administrative Law Act (Awb). Article 4.2 of the Awb contains specific provisions applying to ZonMw grants. General Terms and Conditions Governing Grants of ZonMw (hereinafter ‘General Grant Provisions’) also apply.

Collaboration and preventing state aid

ZonMw encourages the participation of parties in collaborative projects. Such projects will not however receive grant funding if such arrangements lead to the provision of illegal state aid (or are deemed to have potential to do so), or if ZonMw’s General Grant Provisions or the conditions of the call for grant applications cannot subsequently be met. Grants provided by ZonMw are earmarked as financial aid from the state. Despite it possibly being financial aid from the state, ZonMw can still provide a grant in many cases by applying ’state aid instruments’: de minimis, AGVV and DAEB. The calls for grant applications specify which scheme(s) apply.

Financial conditions

ZonMw distinguishes between universities and UMCs and other institutions. The ‘Approval of funding for scientific research 2008’ applies when submitting grant applications and in the grant accountability report submitted by universities/UMCs.

The guidelines for structuring the budget as included in the ‘Terms and conditions for other institutions’ apply for grant applications by other institutions.

Additional obligations

Open access publication

Remember that all publications from research with ZonMw funding: must be published as an Open Access publication, must be deposited in the European PMC repository, and must be submitted to ZonMw as a deliverable.