National supervision for misunderstood behaviour

The parties collaborating via the action programme Grip op Onbegrip (Understanding Misunderstanding) are supervised by a regional Care and Safety advisor. A national programme has also been launched for supervising and monitoring projects within the action programme. This enables the provision of support to the projects and allows them to learn from each other.

National supervision and research programme

In April 2023, the national supervision and research programme Grip op Onbegrip is due to be launched. The drivers behind this programme are the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM), Phrenos, Verwey-Jonker, the Centre for Consultation and Expertise (CCE) and MIND. The aim of the programme is to supervise the learning and improvement cycle within the project at regional, supra-regional and national level.

This project will support the collaborative ventures receiving grants within the programme. The aim is to establish a national system of learning through doing, together.

Regional Care and Safety advisors

The regional advisors from the regional Care & Safety team (from the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG)

support local authorities and their chain partners, both demand-based and proactively, in respect of issues in the field of care, safety and the social domain, that go beyond the boundaries of the individual domains.

Before submitting a grant application, it is advisable to first contact your regional advisor. Where necessary, they can bring the relevant parties together and assist you in completing your grant application. During the course of your project, too, the regional advisors remain available for support and advice.