Allied healthcare

Every day allied health professionals deliver the best possible care for their patients. We encourage initiatives that aim to sustainably develop the quality of the care provided by the allied health professionals, to ensure this it is evidence-based, visible and verifiable for patients and society.


Under the Right Care in the Right Place (De Juiste Zorg op de Juiste Plek) principle, maintaining people’s daily functioning – in physical, psychological and social terms – is the main goal of healthcare. Allied health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, remedial therapists, skin therapists, dieticians and speech and language therapists work towards this goal on a daily basis. We support them in these efforts by investing in knowledge enhancement and research, and in quality and transparency. As such, we help to develop the profession, the quality of the care they provide, and help find solutions to urgent issues in the allied healthcare.

Knowledge enhancement and research

We fund research to answer research questions from the research agendas of the allied health professions, with opportunities for tailored investment in a research infrastructure. We also encourage multidisciplinary research, in order to develop knowledge of what constitutes the right care in the right place.

Quality and transparency

Quality and transparency are important in the allied health professions to improve patient care, and patients’ health. Guidelines can help to enhance quality and transparency. We therefore support the identification of current, planned and desired initiatives for the development of guidelines.



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