Lodging complaints and submitting objections

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by ZonMw, then you can lodge a complaint. A complaint may, for example, concern an answer that you did not receive on time or your treatment by a ZonMw employee. Do you disagree with the decision that ZonMw took about a project proposal? Then you can submit an objection.

You can submit a complaint in writing or via the form below. Please make sure to include all the necessary details. An objection needs to be submitted in writing.

Do you want to submit a complaint?

Please complete all the fields in the form below. Describe the essence of your complaint. You can explain your complaint in a letter that you send as an appendix. The complaint letter must also contain a description of the essence of the complaint as well as your name, address, the date the letter was sent and your signature. If you wish to submit your complaint in writing, then please send this to:

The Director
PO Box 93245
2509 AE The Hague

The Netherlands

Dutch Open Government Act (Woo)

Specific questions about, or a request in the context of, the Dutch Open Government Act can be submitted via secretariaatjz@zonmw.nl

What are the steps in the complaints procedure?

Upon receipt of your complaint, you will be send a confirmation. The complaint will subsequently be assessed against the further requirements imposed by the law. If your complaint cannot be considered, you will be informed about this within four weeks. If ZonMw will consider your complaint, you will receive an invitation to be heard by the Director of ZonMw. That hearing will take place over the phone or at the ZonMw office. After the hearing, the Director of ZonMw will take a decision. The decision and the report about the hearing will be sent to you.

If you disagree with the decision of the Director of ZonMw, you can subsequently submit a complaint to the National ombudsman.

Every complaint will be meticulously investigated and dealt with. All written complaints will be recorded in the complaints register and published in the annual report. ZonMw will not include any personal details in this registration.

Would you like to submit an objection?

Your objection must be submitted in writing. The letter stating your objection – the appeal – must contain your name, address, the date on which the letter was sent and your signature. Please describe as clearly as possible on which grounds you do not agree with the decision by ZonMw. For easy reference, please enclose a copy of the ZonMw decision you are objecting to. You can also submit appendices to support your point of view.

Please send the appeal to:

ZonMw Board
PO Box 93245
2509 AE The Hague

The Netherlands

What are the steps in the objection procedure?

ZonMw falls under the General Administrative Law Act, in which the procedure for submitting an objection is determined. Amongst other things, this states that the objection must be submitted within six weeks after ZonMw sent the decision. The law prescribes that the procedure must have been completed within eighteen weeks after the decision. Read the entire process in the brochure at the foot of this page.
ZonMw has appointed an independent committee to deal with appeals. This committee advises the board, who will eventually take a decision about your appeal. The committee members are not employed by ZonMw and can therefore provide an independent assessment.

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