Together with our sponsors and clients, we are looking into possibilities for financing research into the coronavirus and COVID-19. The pandemic is having a major impact on healthcare and society. We are in discussion with policymakers, researchers, practitioners and data professionals with the aim of collaborating. These discussions are occurring on national as well as international levels. At the moment, we can report collaborations the following initiatives.

On this page you can read information about research and financing possibilities. The latest news you can find at our page 'News and funding'.

Please note:

  • all documents and texts on this page are a translation of Dutch versions of documents and texts. In case of any differences or other inconsistencies between the Dutch text and the English translation, the Dutch text is legally binding and prevails
  • read carefully whether only research organisations and other entities registered in the Netherlands can apply
  • the COVID-19 programme is open to legal entities established in the Kingdom of The Netherlands

In the spotlight

COVID-19 funding round for the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Corona virus

Within the COVID-19 Programme, ZonMw and NWO have opened a funding round that is specifically intended for the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Read more about funding options

Animal-free innovations for better COVID-19 research

6 UU Micro Electrode Array IRAS

This summer, 40 research projects into the coronavirus pandemic and the consequences of this started with funding from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. We rapidly need a lot of knowledge about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease COVID-19. Animal-free models can play a role in that because the results can be better translated to humans and yield outcomes faster. Five projects with animal-free research will therefore start.

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The COVID-19 Programme

Read the information about the programme and read the programme text.

Open Science in COVID-19 research

binary system

All you need to know about open science, open access publications and FAIR data stewardship in COVID-19 research projects.

More information about Open Science and COVID-19

Additional investment for accelerated research programmes on corona

Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Hugo de Jonge informed the House of Representatives on Wednesday 1 April that the cabinet is allocating a total of €42 million for research on the most urgent corona-related research questions. It is estimated that these additional funds will enable some 80 to 100 research issues to be investigated. It is important that these resources are made available in a well-coordinated but also quick and simple manner. A substantial part of the €42 million will be awarded by ZonMw and NWO, who will work closely together to this end in research programming.

More information in the news item

First approved research projects subsidy scheme COVID-19

Eight projects that will have a direct effect on the course of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) and public health will soon be starting. This is the first result of the commission of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to ZonMw to finance critical research with a direct impact on the current corona pandemic.

More information in the news item

Additional incentive scheme "SET COVID-19"

On March 25th 2020, the E-Health Home (SET) Incentive Scheme was expanded with the additional 'SET COVID-19' scheme for more digital care at home. The was initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. This additional scheme is (temporarily) closed. There was an unforeseen amount of applications and the maximum in the (extension) scheme has already been reached. € 50,000 is available per application.

Additional incentive scheme "SET COVID-19" (only available in Dutch)

Start datanetwork coronavirus

Computer and microscope

Together with GO FAIR Foundation initiative, we call on experts to participate in the 'Virus Outbreak Data Access Network' (abbreviated VODAN) for the coronavirus and the infectious disease COVID-19. This implementation network aims to shape data about the current corona virus outbreak in a way that makes them accessible for learning-algorithms (according to the Personal Health Train principle).

More information on VODAN
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