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It is ZonMw’s goal to ensure that healthy people stay that way for as long as possible, that ill people recover as quickly and completely as possible and that people who require care and nursing receive the highest standard of services. To achieve this, we need to focus on prevention: on stopping people from becoming ill. And we need good health care for people who nevertheless fall ill.

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In the spotlight

From genomic data to personalised health care - the UK perspective

Dr. David Atkins during his presentation.
Dr. David Atkins, CEO Congenica Ltd

Dr. David Atkins, CEO Congenica Ltd, explained at the third meeting of the Personalizsed Medicine Program how England implements genome sequencing in clinical practice.

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Vlog 5e JPI HDHL Conference, Brussels

Martijntje Bakker

Watch the vlog that Martijntje Bakker, vice chair of ZonMw and chair of the JPI HDHL, made of the 5th JPI HDHL conference in Brussels. Several speakers of the conference give you an impression of their session and Martijntje ends with the most important take home messages.

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Why Research on Nutrition & Health matters

JPI HDHL MOVIE: Why Research on Nutrition & Health matters
JPI HDHL MOVIE: Why Research on Nutrition & Health matters

Research on Nutrition & Health can play an important rol to improve public health, and increasing the quality of life. Through JPI HDHL, 26 governments work together to improve the effectiveness of Research & Innovation investments and to increase knowledge supporting society in moving towards a healthier and more sustainable diet.

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Blog: ZonMw and the rest of the world

Almost from the start of ZonMw (The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development) international collaboration has been an essential part of our work.

For many reasons! Many of the challenges we face are not restricted to the borders of The Netherlands, so if we want to really solve these challenges we need to work together.

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ICT solutions for older adults

Image of the cover of the publication ‘The impact of AAL in the Netherlands’

Learn more about co-creation and commercialisation of ICT solutions for older adults in the publication ‘The impact of AAL in the Netherlands’. The publication shows what the European Active & Assisted Living (AAL) programme has delivered for the Netherlands until now. Often in the words of those who directly involved. Their stories provide an inspiring glimpse into the future everyday lives of older adults.

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