Shared decision making

Care providers and patients jointly take decisions about appropriate care. But, what does it take to make such shared decisions? And how do you design that process? We facilitate various initiatives and projects to further elaborate and support the process of shared decision making.


Some projects focus entirely on deciding together and, in other projects, it is just one of the subjects investigated. We highlight some of the projects below. See the overview of all projects about deciding together in our projects databank.

National campaign Shared Decision Making

The national campaign focuses on encouraging care providers and patients to decide together. It was launched by patient organisations and professional organisations from specialised medical care, GP care, allied healthcare and district nursing. Read more about the campaign.

Overview Wise Choices

Scientific societies of medical specialists formulated ‘Wise Choices’. These are overviews with evidence-based recommendations for a particular treatment. They are intended as a stimulus for medical specialists and patients to discuss which is the most appropriate treatment at the right moment. You can find an overview of Wise Choices on the website of the Dutch Association of Medical Specialists [in Dutch]. Through research, we provide knowledge for guidelines and Wise Choices. Furthermore, we also fund projects to implement Wise Choices in practice.

Accelerating shared decision making

ZonMw and the Dutch health insurer CZ commissioned an exploratory study into the possibilities to speed up the implementation of deciding together in the Netherlands. Experts and parties that play a role in implementing Deciding Together took part in the exploratory study.


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