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What is a Rubicon grant?

Experience abroad is often essential for building a scientific career. A Rubicon grant makes it possible for talented researchers who recently obtained their PhD to use this funding to acquire experience at foreign top institutes. By doing so, researchers increase their chances of continuing a career in science.

What can you use the Rubicon grant for?

  • With the grant, you can spend between 12 and 24 months doing research at a foreign top institute.
  • You can use the grant for the payment of salary, including employers’ charges, travel costs and, to a limited extent, research expenses
  • You may conduct field research, dependent on the nature of the research.
  • You may not combine stays at several different institutes.
  • The set amounts are stipulated in the Rubicon Regulations.

Costs for accommodation, computers and other overheads will not be reimbursed.

When can you submit an application for Rubicon funding?

  • If, on the closing date of the funding round, you obtained your PhD less than a year ago.
  • You may only submit an application if, in the 5 years prior to the closing date of the funding round, you conducted an equivalent of at least 3 years of full-time research at a Dutch academic research institute.
  • You may submit an application if your PhD research is still ongoing, provided your supervisor has already approved your PhD thesis.
  • Women, in particular, are invited to submit an application.  
  • The Rubicon grant is open for research projects from any scientific discipline realised at a foreign host institute.
  • For specifically Dutch topics, research may be done at a Dutch institute, though preference will be given to candidates who apply for a grant for a stay at a foreign Institute.

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