TOP Grants

A TOP grant enabled excellent research groups to renew their lines of research and their collaborations. At the start of 2019, the TOP grant was replaced by the ZonMw Open Competition programme. This new funding instrument replaces the TOP grants and the Investment Grant NWO Medium.

Innovative and groundbreaking research

The TOP grant offered excellent research groups the opportunity to innovate their lines of research and enter into new collaborations. The purpose was to create room for innovative (groundbreaking) research of excellent quality.

Research as innovation driver

ZonMw considers the open stimulus of research to be the leading (societal) innovation driver for the long term. The main outcome of TOP projects is expected to be in-depth scientific knowledge.

Part of the NWO Open Competition

The TOP grant is part of the NWO Open Competition. ZonMw manages the current projects on behalf of NWO. 

Duration and budget

TOP grants have a maximum size of €675,000 and a duration of at least 4 and at most 5 years. The TOP grant instrument was part of the ZonMw Open Competition and could be applied for by researchers within (bio)medical and healthcare research.

Committee members

The research domain Healthcare Research and Medical Sciences (ZonMw) works just like the other research domains of NWO with broadly composed committees that advise about the quality and management of the projects. This is the composition of the TOP grant committee



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€ 7.425.000
Duration: 100%
Duration: 100 %


Angela Sarabdjitsingh

Programme Manager
top [at]

Jacoline Griep

Programme Assistant
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