ZonMw supports the Recognition & Rewards Roadmap

Knowledge institutions and research councils in the Netherlands are taking a new step in the Recognition & Rewards programme with the publication of a roadmap including concrete plans for the years ahead. Amongst the plans are a series of new career and development paths for scientists. As a funder of scientific (bio)medical research, we wholeheartedly support this move.

Arfan Ikram, president of ZonMw and a member of the Executive Board of NWO, says: “As one of the initiators of the Recognition & Rewards programme, ZonMw helped to instigate this move.
We welcome the fact that this will lead to greater clarity on how researchers and their research are assessed. Like NWO, we take the various aspects of Recognition & Rewards into account in our policy and the assessment of applicants and applications.

Previously, we assessed researchers mainly on their quantitative research performance such as the number of publications, the journals they publish in and how often their articles are cited. The Recognition & Rewards programme allows us to place this information in a wider context and ensures we have an explicit awareness of diversity in talent and career paths. In terms of research, training, impact and leadership, for example, but also the contributions researchers make to open science and patient care.

The roadmap is a great step towards further aligning the policies of research institutions and research funding bodies and providing scope for a good balance between individual talent and team science, in line with the purpose of the research.”

Portretfoto van bestuursvoorzitter Arfan Ikram
Arfan Ikram

The roadmap is available here

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