Website in new ZonMw house style

Following the launch of our revamped website in April, ZonMw has now introduced a new house style. The website looks different, but its content, functionality and utility remain the same. The logo is also unchanged.

What does this mean for you?

Nothing will change for you. The website remains the same in terms of its structure and use. We are gradually introducing our house style in all forms of communication and publicity. This means that you will encounter it in various places. You may also encounter the old house style on occasion, as we will be using up physical materials as far as we can. Online material will be updated and converted to the new house style over the coming months

The new house style

The new house style has a positive vibe, with a focus on connection. It features diagonal lines and angular shapes that refer to the heart of the logo, and represent connection and progress. Connection with the parties with whom we collaborate and have an association: researchers, practitioners, policymakers and the education sector. Fresh, vibrant colours and certain graphic elements form the basis of the house style. It also incorporates a particular style of illustration and icon. This, combined with our ZonMw visual concept, will help make ZonMw more easily identifiable, and unify its visual identity. One ZonMw. 

Questions and further information

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our new house style, please contact us at