Veni round 2023 open for pre-proposals

Talented, creative researchers who recently obtained their PhDs can soon submit a pre-proposal for a Veni from the NWO Talent Programme. The programme evaluates proposals in two phases. Two domains will work without the referee phase in this Veni round. Applicants can submit a pre-proposal until 5 September 14:00.

Veni in brief

This funding instrument from the NWO Talent Programme offers individual grants. The funding will allow researchers to develop their own research idea for the coming three years. The 2023 Veni round is open to researchers who obtained their PhD after 1 January 2020 and before 5 September 2023. The 2023 Veni round has nine submission windows: the NWO domains Science (ENW), Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES) and ZonMW each have one submission window. The Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) domain is divided into six panels, one per disciplinary evaluation panel.

Mandatory pre-proposal phase

Applicants must submit a pre-proposal before 5 September 2023. The pre-proposal  includes a CV with an academic profile, a selection of key outputs (broader than just publications) and a brief research idea. The mandatory pre-proposal means that researchers do not have to write a complete (time-consuming) research proposal immediately. This measure saves both applicants and reviewers a great deal of time. This approach will therefore help to reduce the application pressure and ease the workload of researchers and reviewers.

No referee phase in SSH and ZonMw

This year, these domains are working without the referee phase for the first time. This means that the evaluation process will be carried out with fewer steps while maintaining the same quality. In the second phase, the evaluation focuses on the scientific quality and impact of the proposed research. Given the size and nature of a Veni, the members of the sizeable interdisciplinary evaluation committee are well placed to review proposals. The adapted procedure is the most appropriate in the context of these two domains.

Important dates

The Veni timetable for all domains is as follows:

  • The deadline for mandatory pre-proposals is Tuesday 5 September 2023, 14:00:00 CET
  • The deadline for full proposals is 30 January 2024, 14:00:00 CET
  • The decision on the Veni proposals for the 2023 round will be made around July 2024