Veni and Vidi grants: increase maximum amount

NWO is increasing the maximum amounts researchers receive within Veni and Vidi. The change applies to the application rounds currently running (round Veni and Vidi 2023), for which the preliminary applications have already been made and the final applications must be submitted in the new year. The increase was made possible by a wage price compensation from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Urgency among applicants is high

'There had been a call from the field for a long time for an increase in scholarships because of the sharp rise in wages and prices. The urgency among applicants is high. With this increase, NWO can give better covering grants,' NWO board chair Marcel Levi explains the increase. NWO receives additional funds from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Because of the urgency among the target groups, it was decided not to wait for new application rounds to start.

Increase in maximum amounts

The Veni and Vidi grants, together with the Vici grants, make up the Talent Programme. The Vici grant remains unchanged, there the urgency is less due to the larger grant amount.

  • A Veni submitter will receive a maximum of 320,000 if the application is granted (was 280,000)
  • A Vidi submitter will receive a maximum of 850,000 if the application is granted (was 800,000)
  • A Vici submitter will receive a maximum of 1.5 million if the application is granted.

The total amount available for Veni and Vidi grants increases along with the increase. NWO continues to honour the number of grants to be awarded that was previously published. The budget has been made available at short notice and this makes it possible to implement the change in the current open application rounds. All applicants and universities involved in the current rounds have now received notification of the adjustment and can take it into account in the final application. The deadline for submitting the final application is in the new year.

Source: NWO