Overview of AMR-related resources and services

It is with pleasure that we share the public report on the survey set out to create an overview of resources and services related to antimicrobial resistance research. We would like to thank everyone who provided input, participated and/or shared the AMR survey. We are very delighted with the interesting insights it provided.

Public report and dashboard – make sure to check it out!

It is with pleasure that we share with you two things:

  1. The public report of the survey results. View the public report
  2. A selection of the results are now also presented in an interactive and user-friendly dashboard that can be used by the entire AMR research community. View the interactive dashboard.

We could not have done this without the AMR community!

Next steps

Another survey will be set out to collect more detailed information about individual resources and services, and to address issues related to their findability, reuse, sustainability, and quality. For the next survey we strive to use a machine-readable metadata scheme, ensuring that the input is documented according to a standardised & community-agreed description, is interoperable, and remains up-to-date!

Feel free to share

You are more than welcome to further distribute the public report and dashboard within your network.

This is an initiative by ZonMw (the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development) on behalf of the consortia JPIAMR and VALUE-Dx.

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