We fund various types of research concerning the intestines, on subjects ranging from early detection and better treatment of bowel cancer to gut health.

Bowel cancer

If bowel cancer is detected early the chance of a cure is greater, and the treatment will be less burdensome for the patient. Screening for risk factors or preliminary stages of bowel cancer can often prevent things from becoming worse. We are funding various studies on the early detection of bowel cancer.

Intestinal surgery

Is it better to use surgery or endoscopy to remove bowel or rectal polyps? Research shows that endoscopy rather than surgery to remove benign polyps is more cost-effective and has fewer serious complications.

Diet and gut health

Health depends on a healthy gut biome. Often, exercise, sufficient healthy fluid intake and a suitable diet are enough to support the good bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract. But we are not always able to control matters ourselves. Read more about studies on a healthy diet for our gut microbiome.