Innovative key technologies for the treatment of COVID-19

The projects aim to develop (or further develop) an innovative key technology to improve treatment and methods for arresting progression of COVID-19. The projects might also help in preparations for potential new infectious viral diseases and pandemics by boosting and scaling up promising innovations.

Key technologies are innovative techniques that can make a major contribution to identifying new starting points for development of therapies and to validation of therapies.

The projects focus on various phases of the innovation process. The initial focus was on early-phase ‘Technology Readiness Levels’ (TRL) projects. These are projects at the start of the innovation process (TRL1) that aim to develop an innovative technique into a proof-of-concept (TRL3) in a fundamental setting. Three projects launched in the early phase. To complement them, two projects were launched focusing on further development at later stages of the innovation process (from TRL3 to TRL6). These projects aim to further develop an innovation after the experimental proof-of-concept phase. Public-private partnership is appropriate for these later-stage projects to scale up application and create a knowledge infrastructure for pandemic preparedness.

See the project pages for more information on the studies.

Projects in the early TRL phase:

Project number: 10430132230001
Dr. Q. Pan
Erasmus MC

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Project number: 10430132230002
Dr. A.M. van der Does PhD

Leiden University Medical Centre

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Project number: 10430132230003
Prof. dr. A.H. Maitland-van der Zee

Amsterdam UMC - locatie AMC

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Projects in the later TRL phase with public-private partnership:

Projectnummer: 10430172210001
Prof. dr. T.B.H. Geijtenbeek
Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC

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Projectnummer: 10430172210002
Dr. B. van Buuren
Protinhi Therapeutics, Nijmegen

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