14 young researchers receive a NWO Rubicon grant

14 young researchers receive a NWO Rubicon grant. From organs-on-a-chip to obesity treatment and migration debates. At least 2,4 million euros is granted to develop their researchprogrammes abroad.

What, who and where?

The 14 granted projects are very diverse in nature. Some of the research titles are; 

  • Catching external body motions for inspecting internal body biomarkers
  • An overly reassuring past? Migration history and the public debate today
  • Strengthening the maths of string theory

A detailed overview of the granted projects are found here.

Features of the Rubicon programme

Thanks to this grant these young researchers can do their research at a foreign institute that offers the best environment for their research. The size of the grant depends on the destination chosen and the duration of the stay. 

Each year, NWO and ZonMw can fund about 60 young researchers for a total amount of 7 million euros allocated over three rounds. The awards in this news item concern the second round of 2023.