Our aim is to promote quality and innovation of health research in order to make health care better and to keep it affordable. The return on investment in health research is 3 : 1.

Solving health problems increasingly means working together at a European or global level, so we work internationally. ZonMw has an influence on the international research and development programming, takes an active part in international networks, and enables Dutch researchers to participate in collaborative international projects.

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ZonMw promotes health research and care innovation throughout the entire knowledge chain from fundamental research to implementation. Through various subsidy programmes we promote and fund development and practical application in the area of prevention improvement, care and health.

The work field of the knowledge chain as a whole is broad, making ZonMw a unique organisation.

Organisational chart and board

Programmes form a central part of ZonMw. These programmes are conducted in fourteen clusters. The Strategy and Innovation and Business Operations staff departments support the clusters.


Prof. J.J.G. (Jeroen) Geurts

drs. H.G. (Edwin) Maalderink

J.C. (Jacqueline) Kool

prof. T.N. (Cisca) Wijmenga

dr. ir. M.N. (Moniek) Pieters

Prof. B.C.J.M. (Bart) Fauser

prof. H.A.P. (Huibert) Pols

F.M. (Fawzia) Nasrullah

prof. A.L. (Annelien) Bredenoord

Prof. W.A. (Pim) van Gool
Chair of the Health Council


Henk J. Smid, director, also secretary to the board

Management team

Martijntje Bakker, head of the Strategy and Innovation department, also deputy director

Rob van Hemert, director of business operations

Hannie Bonink, director of programmes  

Radjesh Manna, director of programmes


Other information

ZonMw is registered with the Chamber of Commerce The Hague under number 27365263.

ZonMw is a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI). Tax number: 0028.76.528.

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